Spectator & Parent Code Of Conduct

This Code of Conduct for spectators and parents/carers must be followed by all adults who are members of Garstang Rugby Club. All other spectators, parents/carers and children under 18 years of age who visit the Club are encouraged to abide by this Code of Conduct.

Anyone who appears to be in breach of the Code of Conduct for spectators and parents/carers may be subject to Club disciplinary procedures which could ultimately lead to suspension or withdrawal of Club membership and/or expulsion or exclusion from the Club’s premises and grounds.

The Club’s Code of Conduct for spectators and parents/carers may be amended from time to time by the Club. A copy of the latest Code can be found on the Club’s website.

Spectators are encouraged to:

  • Act as positive role models for all youth rugby players
  • Be familiar with and abide by RFU child protection guidance in relation to emotional and verbal abuse


Spectators should:

  • Remember youth rugby players should play for their enjoyment, not yours
  • Encourage youth rugby players to play by the Laws and spirit of the game
  • Set a good example – applaud effort and good play by both teams (winning is not the be all and end all)
  • Encourage all youth rugby players, irrespective of their ability, in a positive way
  • Respect match officials’ decisions (remember they are volunteers providing an opportunity for youth players to play rugby)


Spectators should not:

  • Verbally abuse youth rugby players, match officials, coaches or other spectators – use correct language at all times
  • Go on the pitch during a training session or game – if you want to get involved, talk to the squad’s Lead Coach afterwards.



In addition to abiding by the above guidance for spectators, all parents/carers of youth rugby players at the Club are encouraged to:

  • Be familiar with the Club’s youth rugby codes, rules and policies (copies of which are on the Club’s website) and support and uphold them
  • Be familiar with the Club’s coaching/training programme for youth rugby players and the fixture schedule for your child’s squad
  • Ensure your child is fully involved with his/her squad and that his/her Lead Coach and Age Group Organiser are kept aware of your child’s current availability, relevant medical conditions and emergency contact details
  • Encourage your child to improve his/her skills through coaching sessions
  • Encourage your child to learn the Laws of the game and discourage unfair play and arguing with match officials
  • Be involved in Club activities, not just those relating to your child’s squad, and share relevant expertise
  • Share any concerns regarding your child’s involvement at the Club with your child’s Lead Coach or Age Group Organiser or with Club officials, as appropriate