Youth Player Code Of Conduct

All youth players under the age of 18 at Garstang Rugby Club must abide by the Club’s Code of Conduct for youth players, and support the Club, its coaches and other youth rugby volunteers in applying the Code.

Any youth player who appears to be in breach of the Code of Conduct for youth players may be the subject of Club disciplinary procedures which could ultimately lead to suspension or withdrawal of Club membership in respect of the Youth Player involved.

The Club’s Code of Conduct for youth players may be amended from time to time by the Club. A copy of the latest Code can be found on the Club’s website.

Youth players at the Club are encouraged to:

  • Recognise and appreciate the efforts made by their coaches, parents, match officials and other youth rugby volunteers in providing the opportunity for them to play the game and enjoy the rugby environment
  • Understand the values of loyalty and commitment to their squad and Club
  • Recognise that they and all other youth rugby players have the right to expect their involvement in rugby to be free from all types of abuse
  • Understand that if they or other youth rugby players feel they are not being treated in a manner that is acceptable, they have a right to tell an adult at the Club or outside the game

Youth players at the Club should:

  • Play because they want to do so, not to please coaches, parents or other adults
  • Remember that skill development, fun and enjoyment are the most important parts of the game
  • Work equally hard for themselves and their team – both will benefit
  • Recognise good play by all players on their team and by their opponents
  • Be a good sport – win or lose
  • Control their emotions, particularly their temper – verbal or physical abuse of teammates, opponents or match officials is NOT acceptable
  • Abide by the Laws and spirit of the game of rugby and accept, without question, the decisions of all match officials
  • Treat other youth rugby players as they would like to be treated
  • Abide by the Club’s rules, codes and policies relating to bullying, good behaviour, etc. – copies of which are on the Club’s website

Youth players at the Club must not:

  • Consume alcohol or illegal drugs of any kind or be involved in acts of hooliganism or vandalism whilst they are in the Clubhouse, on the Club grounds, playing against non-Club teams, touring with the Club or representing the Club in any way